No photo is complete without its home in that perfect frame. That final resting place for that family photo or your treasured sentimental piece of history; from your grandfather’s fishing flies to your signed team’s jersey; it’s all here to choose from. 
At Aidan Connaughton Photography you can now design your custom frame to house that piece of art or your photographic record of your loving family. Choose your mount, moulding and glass and have your perfect frame made to your liking. 
Leave the work to Aidan to capture the perfect moment and then choose how to have it displayed in the right frame for you. With a wealth of examples to pick from, call to the studio and mix and match your colours and finishes in order to achieve the optimum result for you. 
All frames are made in house and without delay or complication. It makes sense that you can get everything under one roof. Your taste can be accommodated without confusion, and with the help of our experience.